How To Become A Polymath – It Is Easier than It Sounds.

How To Become A Polymath- It’s Natural.

It’s a common question that starts right at an early age…

What do you want to be when you grow up.”

It can be almost anything, but it generally comes with a title.


• Superhero

• Princess

This natural tendency to be curious right from a young age allows for unlimited possibilities.

But at some point, this innocent question that did not take much thought goes from a natural easy response to one that causes us anxiety and keeps us up at night, and based on the economy sometimes a few times throughout your life and career.


Somewhere along the journey, we are programmed and pigeonholed into thinking that we have to choose A or B.

In other words…


Pursue one career and groomed to specialize in and follow through so to do that one thing exceptionally well, hopefully finding your true calling and purpose and devoting your life to that pursuit.

Not to diminish the value of specialization;

It’s simply a nudge to tilt the scale in the other direction, a scale that has been rather one-sided over the last century.

With the industrialization came specialization and the narrowing of knowledge, this was great for the time and gave us incredible leaps in all areas.

But what if your specialization is no longer needed or you lose your job?

Could be from…

  • The Economy (as in the oil and gas recession of 2015 and the loss of over 100,000 jobs and careers in one Canadian province alone)
  • Ageism
  • Downsizing from new technology

What about if your purpose and priorities change.

  • As in a Divorce
  • A severe health scare
  • A loss of a family member

Then your left looking and asking that question all over again…

“What do you want to be when you grow up.”How To Become A Polymath - It Is Easier than It Sounds. Image 2 in Blog Post of a man looking at a board Full of Information

This time you are in your midlife, 45-55 years of age.

Did you do something wrong?

Is there something in your character that is not right?

I will let you in on a little secret…

There is nothing wrong with you.

This uneasy feeling is the polymath that is naturally inside you just waiting to get unleashed on your new and uncertain landscape.

This is where the polymath thrives, shines and does its best work.

The polymath inside us all can morph into whatever you need to be in a given situation.


By assessing the new landscape, attaining knowledge, exploration of new ideas and perspectives, and not afraid to connect the unconnected so to create a new reality.

“By Nature, People Are Polymaths And Not Specialist ”          Ben Vandgrift

The Rise Of The Polymath In The Modern Era Is Happening.

Let me ask you a question…

How many of you do NOT have ANY interests at all?

Not a one?

Most people do, even if its a hobby.

Well, that curiosity towards any interest in your life is the polymath wanting to come out.

Remember that boundless curiosity that you had as a child, well it’s the same place.

What Is A Polymath?

Based on a definition by  Wikipedia…How To Become A Polymath - It Is Easier than It Sounds. Image 3 in Blog Post of drawings by leonardo Da Vinci

A polymath is an individual whose knowledge spans a significant number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

The term entered the lexicon in the 20th century and has now been applied to great thinkers living before and after the Renaissance.

This description means you can celebrate your accomplishments in a lot of different areas, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a genius in any one area.

But to be clear, we are not talking about a…

Jack of all Traits

Polymaths are not “Jack of All traits.

More often than not, “Jack of all traits are masters of nothing.”

They skim the surface of whatever they decide to try, out of necessity.

This process of learning something “out of necessity” can be useful and a great teacher, but generally this is about reaching the least needed to achieve something.

The polymath, on the other hand, is continuously reaching for the most required to produce something.

That’s the difference.

A polymath digs deeper into the areas of interest or passion, so to get a thorough understanding and competence level of skill in which to bring forward into their lives.

But it does not mean that you have to be exceptional in every area of ability…

Hard To Find

During the Renaissance period, to be well versed in multiple disciplines was considered normal.

But based on the structure of the last number of decades finding the polymaths is not easy.

With the education systems so structured, unfortunately, the natural curiosity that is in the evolving polymath gets shut down.

We are groomed right from the time in junior through to high school and then again in university to specialize and become experts in our chosen fields.

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Ok To Be Flawed

The 10,000-hour rule for mastery in skill set development made famous by Malcolm Gladwell need not apply to the polymath.

To be a successful polymath, you do not need to be in the top areas of your fields of discipline; you need only to be better than average.

Remember, you have so much time and energy, thus striving for excellence in all fields is not necessary, and to be an expert does not mean you need to know everything about your area.

Although to meet your goals of being a polymath, you will need dedication and commitment.

Do not put off pursuing and learning interest because of the mindset that you are not qualified.

There needs to be a confidence that comes from the understanding that you have as much right to use this knowledge as any anyone else.

Top-quality education has never been more available to you than now with the rise of the internet and the online educational platforms.

Udemy and or Wealthy Affiliate are examples of some top online educational platforms that give us the same playing field as any other person wanting this knowledge and ability to improve. (More on this later in the post.)

      “Expertise Is Not Only Achieved Through Exclusivity.”                   Ella Saltmarshe

By having many interests and professions, you can become better at all of them in each area then you would have been in one specialized area alone.

Unlike a specialist, the polymath will devote their focus to many different areas.

They continue to acquire new skills and tools by trying various endeavours.

Do not be afraid to lose yourself in your interest and or obsession.

Do what you love the mistake is to get concerned with practicality, some obsession has nothing to do with practicality whatsoever.

Follow your bliss, and the world will unfold as it should.

You will never know how this combination of skills will fit together and develop into a radical new entity that you can operate life and career from in the future.

How To Bring Back This Once Revered Multi-Skilled Person?

Curiosity Did Not Kill The Cat.

How To Become A Polymath - It Is Easier than It Sounds. Image 4 of a lone cat looking straight at the camera with its tail up.Curiosity and the desire to satisfying that curiosity is the thing that drives the need for deeper understanding in a polymath, but this is not an idle curiosity; it is an active one.

A want and need to learn more about everything that they find interesting.

To cultivate the polymath inside yourself, nurture that curiosity and dedicate yourself to its pursuit…

This could be…

A problem you want to solve

• An intellectual desire you need to see through

• An inspiration to learn something

        “The Important Thing Is Not To Stop Questioning.                                       Curiosity Has Its Own Reason For Existing”                        Albert Einstein

Polymaths Identify Priorities And Timewasters.

The habits of polymaths are such that…

They usually do not watch mindless TV or surf the net endlessly for no reason.

When they socialize, they prefer to discuss important topic’s so to draw upon concepts and ideas, in place of gossip or small talk.

Connections, friendships and associates are easily made.

The Comfort Zone Is NO Comfort At All.

Comfort zones are genuinely the worst place to put a polymath for they are continually looking to expand beyond what they consider comfortable.

All new growth and learning will always occur outside of the comfort zone, and if we are to explore new and untapped areas, then go through life more as an explorer than a tourist so to take in new experiences and cultures.

A great way to dig below the surface and get deeper into your interests and skill sets in all areas.

You Could Be Thinking…

Are you always learning something from SCRATCH?

One of the strengths that come from nurturing that polymath inside is…

When interested in something a polymath will put a lot of effort to get up to speed on that one thing they are wanting to learn and will absorb everything they can on the topic.

Because beginnings are something that they are comfortable with trying, new skills and being out of there comfort zones are less intimidating.


They can draw from past accomplishments, so it’s never really starting from the beginning.

That’s why whatever field you apply your energy into is rarely a wasted effort.

Learning new things based on our priorities and interest is a skilled lot of us miss out on.

Learning Now Can Be Done Using Many Avenues.

How To Become A Polymath - It Is Easier than It Sounds. image 5 of Spiderman reading a book from a tower windowFormal education is not the be and end all and that we do not all need a certificate to show that we have done the training.

learning can also get done through…

  • Books/Magazines and Reading
  • Podcast
  • U-tube videos
  • Web-based education platforms

What’s excellent about web-based learning today is you can have access to so many “authorities” that we’re not so long ago impossible to spend time with. For instance, I  learned to edit from a New York Times and Washington Post editor, no way could I have done that years ago.

Goal Setting…

As in any level of production in anything, the ability to set goals, have action plans in which to achieve these goals and work hard, becoming a polymath will not be any different.

This pursuit of growth means that learning stops when your heart does.

You have to continue to educate yourself in every capacity available, both formally and informally.

Be Patient…

Foster some patience for some things can be learned in a short period like weeks or months while others can take the rest of your lives.

Strive to be well rounded

You do not want to be eclectic for this says that you are a dabbler and non-focused.

Well rounded is something entirely different it is a broadly experienced with real skill in numerous areas.

Take Action And Engage.

Part of the engagement is to, not stop the learning, learn by doing and above all else,  to learn from your results, also not settle for the norm, push beyond and “if it’s not broke break it.

Stay Humble

Believe in yourself and stay humble.

It’s ok to feel a little ignorant for a while, so to learn something completely new, leave your ego at the door.

So this all starts with you…

What are your adventures and journey?

“I Did Not Fail I Just Learned 10000 Ways Something Did Not Work.” Thomas Edison

Problems And The Evolving Era…

How To Become A Polymath - It Is Easier than It Sounds. image 6 of a face of a man deep in thought or trying to solve a problemTo solve a problem at the edge of your ability will require a different approach or finding the solution based on where you are will not happen.

Meaning you have to get more information.

Based on the ever-increasing complexity of the problems we are facing having the input of a specialist only will not solve it.

The answer will not come from only one source.

It’s the combination of two or more fields, also the combination of the specialist and polymath joining at the intersections that will create innovation.

A polymath can approach a problem from many different directions at once because of the different amounts of information they expose themselves to.

They can go WIDE, whereas the specialist can do DEEP. This intersection makes for a great union of the two and ultimate success in the projects and problems that need solving.

What Steps Could You Be Taking?

Embrace your passions and follow your curiosity down the rabbit holes.

Only this allows you to release the polymath inside of you and lead you out of the specialization paradigm.

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Final thoughts

How To Become A Polymath - It Is Easier than It Sounds.image 7 of a little character person holding onto a last piece of a jigsaw puzzle needing to get put downBen Franklin and Leonardo Da Vinci did not become masters all in one year.

A Polymath will never be associated with the term “overnight success” unless you associate 15 years of dedication and hard work to their studies and skills…..overnight.

Design Our Lives Around How We Are Naturally.

If you are a specialist, then specialize. If you are not then pursuing the path of the polymath, and it is easier than it sounds.

Instead of asking…

What do you want to be when you grow up.


Where will you do your best work?

This design leads us to a happier and more authentic experience.

Give it a go…

As always if you have any questions, thoughts or feedback, would like very much for you to share them with me.

Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments section of the post, and I can get back to you in a timely fashion.

Thanks for the moment.

Feature Image by Moshe Harosh from Pixabay

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What Is Work Life Integration -The Answer May Help A Lot…

What is Work-life Integration

Work-life integration can be better described as blending your work and life into one unit.

This is about the integration of goals and objectives, not about a balance of time, no line to cross that separates work or life it’s all one opportunity.

For instance:

Instead of waiting to respond the next day to emails from coworkers and/or texts from clients, we respond at once.


When we receive a text from our partner asking what we would like for dinner, we also respond even though we are on “work time.”

Work-life balance means you are having to make up time if you take off from work to deal with personal matters.

With the integration, you stay engaged with the totality of your life and do not have to make up time as you are in constant contact with…

  • Company
  • Clients
  • Family &
  • Friends

Regardless of time and location.

Technology has changed the way we connect and communicate, the world no longer stops or slows down.

Work-life balance cannot exist in today’s environment, a near-impossible endeavour trying to make the two towers fit so to succeed and stay stress-free.

Also, work-life integration will not happen by watching your clock, giving so much time for work and so much time for a family like two separate entities.

Do not settle for making hard-line stands instead look to see how you can integrate the whole of your landscape together.

Change your thinking to work-life integration as opposed to work-life balance.

The concept of work-life integration will give your life more joy and passion. Whereas work-life balance can result in feelings of failure of not doing enough in one or more areas of your life.

What is Work-life balance?

What Is Work Life Integration-A picture of a bunch of coffee cups stacked up trying to be balanced while pouring coffee into the top one at the same time -Image 2 for blog post.Work-life balance for some would be better defined as those who have jobs that they can shut after their day ends.

If you are still one from the model of the 8-hour work day 5 days a week in 2019 and have a spouse or partner who does the same you probably the closest to the concept of “Work-Life Balance.”

For others, this is unattainable.


Doesn’t matter what you do, we know to succeed we have to push on all fronts, get new clients, improve skill sets, get more education, 8 hours is not the work day (often more), but at the same time we are asked to slow down to smell the flowers and make time for the people that matter…..

How can you take these and make them balance?

The truth is you cannot.

We all have the same amount of hours in a day and based on where you are in your personal journey sometimes those hours blend into each other and become less separated.


With the workforce and hours of business going longer throughout the day (12 hours or more) and the providing of services on holidays and even on a 24 clock this putting in the extra time is not an exception but more of an expectation.

This Concept Of Work-Life Balance Is Broken

What Is Work Life Integration-A image of a women looking at herself in a piece of broken glass-image 3 in blog post

Do you always feel like you’re not winning, and can never get it done?

Guilty for being away from your family when you’re at work?

Guilt that you are not doing those projects that you sent out for yourself?

Not happy?

You’re stressed or have anxiety or depression?

Felling that you are behind everything?


Reactive as opposed to proactive…

Stop Trying To Balance It

You will find the reason for your unhappiness or anxiety is you cannot separate your work from your life.

Change your paradigm and your focus and understand now everything is interconnected your whole life… and WORK.

Design Vs Default.

We need to face the reality that governments and corporations are not going to solve this issue for us. It will be up to us as individuals to take control and responsibility for the live’s we want to lead.

If you do not design your life, someone else will design it for you by default, and you may particularly not like their idea of balance.

It’s essential that you never put the quality of your life in the hands of a commercial corporation.


Because these models are designed to get as much out of you as they can get away with, the balance in these models is not ……well…….balanced!

We have to be responsible for setting and enforcing the boundaries we want in our life.

Tips For Work-Life Integration

Based on the research, the concept of work-life balance doesn’t exist, but the common consensus is right…

Set your purpose and goals and review regularly

This will let you know you are on the right journey, they set a standard to run by and give you the confidence to make sure those goals and purpose are integrated with the totality of your life.

Self-awareness and honesty

Who you are and where you want to be?

You cannot fool yourself, so do not try.

Own it and say it to yourself and do not be afraid of it.

The solving of any problem is to acknowledge the reality of the situation you are in, know your “end result” (your purpose and goals) access the “gaps” and work backwards to fill them in.

So take a proper audit of where you are at the present.

The reality of the society we are in is that thousands of people out there are leading lives of screaming desperation and do not take the time to assess where they are presently.

You have facets of your personality

  • Emotional side
  • Spiritual side
  • Intellectual side
  • Creative etc

And to truly be balanced, you need to tend to all those areas to feel complete.

This can be a daunting task.

But small things matter!!

Balance with integration does not mean dramatic upheaval in your life. The smallest investment in the right places and you can radically transform the quality of your relationships and life.

Adjust as you need where you need, and your world will unfold.

Practice it

Based on the standards (above) we set for ourselves, decisions we make every day keep moving us forward.

  • Do you send that email before bed?
  • Do I take that course and spend the money?
  • Do I eat dessert or a quality dinner?

By taking the decision to move forward will create that momentum.

By creating this momentum, everything also moves since everything is interconnected.

Also, the more you decide to integrate the easier it gets.

Not a science – we are free not to be perfect

We are aware that we can make choices that will lead us to positive momentum.

We are empowered to take so much more control of our lives, so to live life more on PURPOSE

It’s ok not to be perfect with this for it’s more of an art and not a science.

You can adjust when you are integrating your work and life.

Remember it will make you either love your life or make you regret it.

Pursue FULFILLMENT rather than balance.

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Progress and not perfection

Pick ONE thing in your life, and move it forward and create positive momentum, and once you start to get the momentum you no longer need to focus on your balance because you are moving forward, you can focus on your progress.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt

Doesn’t matter what area you decide to create movement in picking one and move it forward.

  • Health
  • Hobbies
  • Spiritual
  • Professional
  • Personal etc.
Your world is a living expression of how you are using—and have used—your mind.” Earl Nightingale

Great Fit For The Entrepreneur Or If You Love What You Do

What Is Work Life Integration-An image of a women working and Writing on here couch with a laptop on her lap -image 4 on blog post

This is a good fit for people who own their own businesses or love what they do

Nine out of Ten entrepreneurs confess to working over the weekends. These are not lost days because they generally prefer this to do other things that do not move the needle forward…


  • Hanging with drinking buddies.
  • Gossip sessions, either on the phone or in person.
  • Time wasters like social media or Television watching.


It’s because of the love of their work and life.

Sophie Kahn co-founder of Aurate believe’s

“Doing what you love, there is no such thing as work-life balance. Instead, it’s about work-life interrogation. Studies have found that people with work-life interrogation are, in fact, happier since it means that they love what they do. It becomes part of who you identify with.”

Benefits Of Having An Online Business And Integration

Running an online business can come with many benefits and with that, Integration is just a given.

  • Work From Anywhere  Can visit your local coffee shop or just stay at home. As well as you having access to the internet your business can come with you on vacation.
  • More Time With your People When you run an online business from home this enables you to spend more quality time with those you truly care about.
  • Hours Of Work And Flexibility even though this can take some juggling and discipline to ensure results you ultimately still have the final say on how to adjust your work hours around your life and visa versa.
  • True Freedom And Integration at the end of the day what is a success if not for that ability to take control and do what is best going to work for you.

To not only survive in the 21st century but to THRIVE, you will need integration on some level.


What Does Success Look Like Now?

What Is Work Life Integration-An image of a women with her hands in the air like she is successful at something -Image 5 on blog post

Success now takes on a different meaning, its more about enjoying the totality of your life and how work is integrated into that mix.


Transforming society’s definition of success away from that simplistic notion of
“The person who dies with the most money wins.”
To a more holistic definition of “a life well lived “and staying out of the trap of “I will get a life when I retire.

look at your life as a total unit, integrate everything into the whole, find your purpose set your goals, decide and act and go live a full life with passion.

There needs to be a middle ground to work from.

Now that’s an idea worth aspiring too.

Would love to hear how you found this article and if it rings true for your landscape.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment in the area below.

And as always…

Thanks for the moment.

Featured image courtesy of whatsinprague /Pixabay

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Benefits Of A Gig Economy-Are You Wanting To Take Part?

Coining The Phrase “GIG.” 

Also ‘known’ as the freelance economy…

Traditionally, a gig is when musicians are contracted to perform engagements from venue to venue.

However, gigs are now on the sights of the ever-growing new class of workers whose mantle was once only held by the musician or artist.

This lifestyle is apparent in other areas of professional scopes and has gained steam over the last 10 years.

The gig economy is starting to take up more of the workforce with no signs of it slowing down. This is partially due to the evolution of technology.

Considering the benefits of a gig economy, is it a path to a better work/life balance and a gateway to freedom?

Read on…

The Freelance/Gig Economy Is Catching On-Statistics For The US and the UK.

In the US…

  • One study suggests that half of the US workforce will be freelancers by 2027 “Morgan Stanley.”
  • For 2017-2018, it is cited as 3/10 workers are in the gig economy.
  • 94% of net new jobs since 2005 are in this “alternative work arrangement situation” quoted by Louis Hyman from his book TEMP.

In the UK…

  • More than 6 million people in the UK are self-employed or working as contractors.
  • Moreover, in the EU the number of freelancers grew by 99% between 2000 and 2014.
  • In 2017, more than 15% of the UK labour force were classed as self-employed “Office of National Statistics.”

The gig economy is work and jobs that are going away from the traditional “doing your work at the same place for the next 20 years” towards work that is less “permanent employee” and more towards given a task for a specified period.

Freelance work available can range from writing, editing and proofreading, to teaching online or just taking your traditional work life and putting your skills on a digital platform and working for yourself in your city…more on this further down.

Benefits Of Gig Workers 


Benefits Of A Gig Economy a image of a Mickey Mouse Cup and second image of postFlexibility and independence are considered the most appealing factors when working as a contractor, or temp.

Self-employment, allows people to set their hours, and function as independent contractors and/or freelancers.

The regular 9-5 hours and tradition work scope do not work for everyone, and the opportunity to escape this model is appealing.

More and more jobs are being created especially for the new professionals coming into the job markets as temp/projects, not the stable employment relationships.

A study in 2016 by Julia Kermode CEO, Freelancer and Contractor Services Association indicated that workers and professionals seem to like the new paradigm, when asked they respond by saying they prefer it as opposed to the full time dull, routine, salaried type of employment which has been the traditional type of work most  baby boomers have grown up with inside the  industrial economy model.

Free from every day 9-5 grind workers can set their hours, and work remotely from anywhere, also are not dictated by the whims of a manager in your traditional work scope.

This new work landscape allows and provides options to travel, carve out time to chase dreams, raise children or ease into retirement.

Added income

Some workers in this economy will be traditional permanent employees doing gigs or side hustles as a second job.

With the added benefits of technology, finding these jobs have never been easier.


Based on the new digital platforms, companies are now able to hire anyone anyplace in the world who can easily telecommute and work remotely for them.

Interesting and Fulfilling work

Workers generally thought-do work you have to and then follow up on things you are passionate about. Now, with this new freelance economy, you can do work you love, make money, and spend time with the people in your life.

Here to Stay

It’s hard to say how the rise of the gig economy will affect and or change the future of the job market, however, corporations and workers will need to continue to adapt to it.


Benefits For The Micro-Entrepreneurs

Who are the micro-entrepreneurs?

Benefits Of A Gig Economy an image of a laptop and some writing music on paper third image of post

Micro-entrepreneurs are people who have their own business but employ themselves.

Effectively these are professionals who have just decided that it makes more sense for them to work more flexible. So they usually cater to the local demand.

However, with the rise of the digital economy and online platform’s, they can start to market themselves globally.

Digital apps and platforms are a vital part of helping the self-employed find work.

Micro-entrepreneurs like their work but perhaps would like more flexibility and control of how much work they do, breaking free of the 9-5 day job paradigm.

These professionals could have been long term fixed employees, semi-retired, laid off, Necessity Entrepreneurs and or just looking for flexibility and control in their life.

Ms. Kermode said in 2016,  that 90% of people asked were choosing self-employment for flexibility and lifestyle.

The creative class of writers/ designers/ and artists are typically attracted to the digital economy because the talent pool is now global and they can easily enjoy the entrepreneurial paradigm.

When you balance money with lifestyle are gig workers better off than tradition careers?

Freelancing As A Lifestyle

Freelancing this way is all about gaining CONTROL but like anything, this flexibility comes with a price.

There are ups and downs between those who are self-employed and the traditional worker.

Those who are self-employed have a more direct relationship with effort and income as opposed to the traditional worker when not busy, looks at the clock.

Also, traditional workers’ earn a steady paycheck whereas independent workers’ salaries are not guaranteed.

Time discipline is also a factor.  Some freelancers find it more difficult to operate outside of a fixed work schedule.

In the long run, it may level out, but in the short term, there may be shortfalls.

A 2017 study found that 63% of freelancers dipped into their savings at least once a month, as opposed to full-time employees who only dipped into their savings 20% of the time.

Most people in the independent workforce are happy to freelance. In 2017, 84% of freelancers in the US were satisfied with their arrangements.

So with the landscape being what it is, you can go off and work in a traditional space, or immerse yourself in the gig economy and work as a freelancer or a combination of both.

Just be aware of all the possibilities you have and make an informed decision.

All jobs have a level of insecurity associated with them, and the gig economy is just highlighting that fact.

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Do You Want To Gig Using A Laptop From The Comforts Of Your Home?

Benefits Of A Gig Economy image of a women sitting on a couch on her laptop this is the fourth image of postStart now with Affiliate Marketing.

Anyone can accomplish success online.

Approx. 3.75 BILLION people use the internet daily.

Regardless of the direction, you decide to pursue. There will always be numerous people you can connect with online.

Learning to build an online business can be overwhelming at first, but with the proper training and support, you will quickly get a handle on the process.

No technical or prior online business experience required.

On the Wealthy Affiliate platform, everything related to running and operating an online business can be learned, and you do not need to be a “techie.”

If you want to be part of this economy, and you have no idea what it would take, look at my “Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Review.”

You can use this new economy to create a world for yourself, an online business-YOUR online business …and never has this been so accessible.

Deciding on what you have an interest in…

  • Do you have hobbies?
  • Are you passionate about something?
  • What are your skill sets?

Whatever that is for you, learn the skills and tools on how to put this on a digital platform using:

  • Website builders
  • Content writing platforms
  • Keyword research
  • Analysis tools
  • Coaching

Bring your interest(s) to the global economy and be part of this freelance, gig movement & earn revenue.

Start part-time and build into a full-time “laptop lifestyle.”


As always, let me know your thoughts and leave me a comment.

Thanks for the moment.

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Does Global Affiliate Zone Work? – My 4 Month Stay.

Who Is GAZ?

GAZ or Global Affiliate Zone was started in 2015 by Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang and has an active community of approximately five thousand members and growing.

GAZ is an educational marketing platform and community that walks you through how to market a product through Facebook using paid advertising for generating of leads (called lead generation) to a company that you will purchase distribution for.

Also, helps get you involved in social media marketing on Facebook with step by step training, great for people with little to no understanding of the process, so a…

“Business in a box or franchise.”

Does Global Affiliate Zone Work

Based on my experience they are not making empty claims, at the last convention over ¾ of the crowd when asked if they had made at least one conversion through their GAZ system stood up.

People are catching on to the GAZ train, with the knowledge and training that they are providing IT WORKS!

People can make some Real money and succeed online with Global Affiliate.”

Continuous Growth & Community

They are adding continually to the back office of there platform to keep sharing practices, new learnings and staying current.

They have product/compensation training for the distributorship, to understand the business model.

Lots of engagement within the community, easy access to a mentor and support on the platform for help with leads, follow-ups, signing and business practices for your online venture.

Plug And Play

The Gaz platform will set up your online presence with the industry tools to make the novice business owner take advantage of the online trend.

For example…

You do not have to build your own funnels. They have all the sales funnels pre-done.

As well…

They manage your email with autoresponders which is excellent for the brand-new people.

The Company Statement;

Does Global Affiliate Zone Work-A screen shot of the Company Statement

Weekly Webinars

They have weekly webinars to aid the members with Facebook Ad writing, improvement of skills, offer objective critic and give advice on ways to improve the overall approach and refinement of the copywriting process.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something you are going to position in your advertising that people will get for free just for clicking on the link.

You invite your leads (potential new business owners) to watch.

The lead magnet is the weekly webinar.

The focus is to get eyes on the weekly webinars.

Here you will see people involved doing what they’re taught while working their day jobs.

All about real people discussing real issues, but at this point not a lot of in-depth understanding of HOW it’s done.

FB Mastery Training

Step-by-step video training on how to set up your business accounts for Facebook.

Hours of videos with trainers “Landon and Stapes” on principles like Facebook /Instagram story ad /video content writing, and image editing.

When I say principles I mean a process that you can follow on everything you do, not just Facebook ads… (solid tips on copywriting.)

I found this to hold value.

Personal Development

Books they recommend you read…

  • Think and Grow Rich
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People
  • A Happy Pocket Full of Money
  • 80/20 Sales and Marketing

Imperative that you get in the right mindset when starting a new endeavour.

The GAZ Platform Costs

The cost will start at $99 USD to join the community, paid out monthly as to get access to hosting/marketing tools and training materials.

The Enagic Distributorship Costs

K8 water filter Unit. The primary and flagship product.

Anespa A smaller unit that you would attach to your shower head.

Ulkon which are the vitamins which will need to be renewed based on the contract for the following year.

These three are known as “Trifecta.”

You do not have to purchase the full Trifecta but are encouraged to start this way for better commissions going forward.

If you purchase the full group of products, the cost will be just shy of $10,000(CND)


NOT including the commitment to the Ulkon vitamins over the next twelve months, this is a reoccurring cost which will take you well over the initial Ten thousand mark.

After you get a chance to see the Enagic business model you will get a coaching call to discuss at what level you’ll want to start.

Costs In Total


The Initial Start-up cost of your Enagic product and distributorship. (One time Fee)


A Domain Name for your pre-made sales funnels.


If you have the Trifecta, the commitment to the Ulkon vitamins for another year to follow charged out every four months.


$99 USD for Gaz Hosting and back office.

Cost for AD campaigns on Facebook, you will be taught how to create some organic traffic but you will still need to have an advertising budget.

Is There A Refund.

Yes,  14-days for the GAZ platform but also a refund policy on the Enagic side.

Return Policies For Enagic

All the products available will have a 14-day return/unopened policy, but Enagic will subtract from your returns of any one of the following fees…

  • Service Fees
  • Finance Fee
  • Install Fee
  • Shipping Charges
  • Restocking fees on unopened products.
  • Any Missing or used items will be deducted off the refund
  • All returns must not be damaged. Any missing or used items will also be deducted off the refund

“Have added this so that you understand that there are NO 100% returns on your Enagic purchase’s.”

About MY Mentor

He has a successful six-figure online business and a “proof of concept.”

The mentorship is probably the best part of the process IF you have the benefit of getting the right mentor.

In multilevel marketing, it is important to take care of your down line.

But with the wrong mentor, it can be failing proposition right out of the gate.

Catch A Fish Feed Me For A Day…

Does Global Affiliate Zone Work-Image 2 on Post of Boy Sitting on Dock Fishing

My own experience was positive, was able to get value from the classes.

If you had another product that you would want to market it would follow the same principles.

Multilevel Marketing And Affiliates.

Unlike multilevel marketing or MLM, affiliate marketers can joint venture to any company and do not need to purchase a product or distributorships.

Affiliates get paid by the companies they promote and never the other way round.

Multilevel Marketing is a business model that is a combination of direct marketing and franchising.

The concept behind the model is simple it’s a cycle that goes…

A company has a product(s) that needs to be sold. MLM requires salespersons not only buy and sell the particular product(s) but also to hire new people who will in turn, buy and sell the said product(s) etc.

The bad thing about MLM businesses is that more emphasis is placed on the recruiting of sellers than the selling of the actual product.

Not For Everyone

Not everyone can afford to play at this level. Financially expensive.

They are NOT teaching you all the skills needed to be your own online entrepreneur mostly done for you.

The other problem with this system is that it kind of locks you into the Global Affiliate Zone.

As an affiliate marketer, you should have the freedom to go/do whatever you want, promote and earn from any forms of traffic sources.

Also, these plug and play systems help, but you still need to put in work.


If something happens to GAZ like the partners wanting to move on, or the Federal Trade Commission or FTC shut down their business, then you as a marketer and online business person with GAZ would be in trouble for you use their entire ecosystem…

  • Email
  • Email responders
  • Sales Funnels
  • Hosting etc

You would still hold the Enagic distributorship which you would have to learn to market again ON YOUR OWN, elsewhere.

Future For GAZ

Based on the last event the owners would like to expand so to offer more ability to do more yourself. (IE building your own landing pages or funnels)

From the looks of the community and platform, I can see them being around for the foreseeable future, if you are looking for this type of “business in a box” and are willing to invest the time/ funds and effort you will see “returns on investment.”

  • It converts!
  • You are taught principles of Ad /Video content writing and copywriting for Facebook and Instagram.
  • You do get a great understanding of Facebook lead gen on the Facebook Ads mastery course.
  • Plug and play.
  • You do get a 6 figure mentor with proof of concept.
  • Good commission structure.
  • Can build out a residual income.

  • Expensive/High start-up costs.
  • Brand loyalty. Can only promote products from your multilevel marketing company.
  • A marketing platform that markets something else in the back end.
  • Shelf life yes/no?
  • They are teaching you ONE way to drive traffic.
  • Recruiting of people.
  • A dependency of your downlines for commissions.

“This page may contain ads and affiliate links.”

Teach Me How To Fish…

Does Global Affiliate Zone Work-Image 3 on Post of a Full Tackle Box of Fishing Gear

In the present economy, there is simply no need to sell consumers overpriced products or convince people into securing memberships with the promise that succeeding memberships will make them incredible amounts of cash.

Options Available…

If you are looking to get ALL skills needed to be an online professional and market ANYTHING / ANYWHERE look at the authority based online university that will teach you exactly that.


WEALTHY AFFILIATE-A  Better Way To Make Money Online…
  • Free startup
  • The premium membership fee is $49 USD/month (with options to save even more)
  • Strictly NO up-sells or hidden surprises
  • ALL the training and tools needed so to master online marketing
  • You will not need to purchase a distributorship
  • NOT multilevel marketing
  • A platform that has been around for over thirteen years with over a million community members
  • Hundreds of hours of training
  • Mentorship
  • Tons of value


Please do not hesitate to leave me your thoughts or comments will get back to you, as soon as possible.

Thanks for the moment.

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Dealing With The Imposter Syndrome – And The Online Entrepreneur.

Wearing A Mask…

What do you call a phenomenon that affects approx 7/10 people and has no bearing on…

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age groups or occupation

Affects the likes of…

  • Albert Einstein
  • Tom Hanks
  • David Bowie
  • Natalie Portman
  • Starbucks’ (CEO) Howard Schultz
  • lady GaGa
  • Emma Watson

Stems From…

  • Feelings of being less capable than the surrounding people
  • Feeling of getting away with something, or a feeling of being well out of your depth, yet already entrenched into the situation
  • Feelings that you are a fraud or a fake
  • Or thoughts of “sooner or later my ability to continue this charade will be exposed” and I will have it all taken away

The phenomenon that affects the seventy percentile is called…

Imposter Experience Or Syndrome

In 1978, physiologist’s Dr. Suzanne Imes and Dr. Pauline Rose Clance observed this trait amongst high achieving women who questioned their intelligence and thus were not able to accept their success.

How do you end up dealing with the Imposter Syndrome?

To call it a syndrome would downplay how universal it is for it is NOT a disease or abnormality, and it is not necessarily tied to…

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Or self-esteem

Online Entrepreneur

Diligently works hard, sacrifices invest in education, puts in countless time and hours focused on adding value to get some movement in their careers.

They are working to eventually get acknowledgment for their contributions likely in forms of traffic, rankings in the search engines, or authority in their space.

But always a part of them feels that…

  • They do not deserve it
  • They are “faking it til they make it”
  • They have an unwarranted sense of insecurity

I see so many folks come and dip their toes in the affiliate marketing pool get started, excited, moving along and then that feeling of fraudulence creeps in and like so many aspiring online entrepreneurs… they shut down.

The fear is common among entrepreneurs in general and especially, online professionals.

As a starting digital pro, NO ONE in the online world starts off being an authority in anything, it’s built on daily until eventually acquired.

Certain feelings of fraudulence will inevitably rear its ugly self and it is at this point when the entrepreneur must push aside those imposter feelings, dive into their work with focus, otherwise their digital career will certainly be cut short.

The Root Of Imposter Syndrome…

Dealing With The Imposter Syndrome - Second Image on Blog of a Man in a Mask with a silence Finger pointed to his face.

An unrealistic picture of what other people are really like.

We feel like impostors not because we are uniquely flawed, but because we fail to imagine how deeply flawed everyone also is beneath their more or less polished surface. (For example, this was prevalent in the monarchy type of cultures but are currently in organizations with leaders with titles and/or prestigious positions).

Does Having a Specific Level of Skill Make a Difference…

People who are highly skilled or accomplished tend to think that others are as skilled as they are. This can spiral into feeling that they do not deserve accolades or opportunities over other people.


Intense feelings of imposterism can prevent sharing of great ideas or applying for jobs that they could EXCEL at.

Albert Einstein, arguably one of the most brilliant minds, once was quoted that he describes himself as an “Involuntary swindler” whose work didn’t deserve as much attention as it had received.

Based on the likes of Albert Einstein and or David Bowie, there often does not seem to be a threshold of accomplishment that can put these feelings to rest.

There is no easy way to dismiss feelings that we are less capable than the surrounding people.

Where Are You In This Group…

Do you feel like you relate to the traits of the imposter phenomenon? If so, then you have experienced Imposter syndrome as well.

Imposter syndrome anxiety…

Are you… accomplishing something you felt you did not deserve?

Or, you become so paranoid that you hide behind a mask in fear of someone realizing that you are indeed a fraud.

Even when positive feedback is received, it often fails to ease the feelings of fraudulence.

When we doubt ourselves privately and do not realize that we are not alone thinking that way because no one else voices their doubts.

How could we really…

Tough to know, when you are distance working (ie from a home office) especially if you do not know…

  • How hard our peers work
  • How difficult they find certain tasks, or
  • How much they doubt themselves in private

In the online world, much of what we do is solitary in nature. At times we are our only sounding board. We do not have that yardstick of thought available to share or even observe that others are just as flawed.

There is no easy way to dismiss feelings that we lack the ability to achieve, are less knowledgeable, or not deserving even though we are tirelessly striving to create a successful product.

According to Physiologist’s Dr. Suzanne Imes and Dr. Pauline Rose Clance

Group setting; helps the person know that they are not alone in dealing with the imposter phenomenon and can discuss it amongst themselves and feel safe in the exchange.

If you are working as a keyboard warrior, it is key to connect to open forums and see how others are dealing with the same issues.

Reflection; reflect when they hear another person’s story and the lack of reality in their rationale.

Compare it to your own experience, you will absolutely find correlation and solace in the fact that you are not alone and others around you experience the same thoughts.

Awareness; recognize these imposter ‘esq‘ feelings, acknowledge them for what they are, then you can push them aside no longer being afraid of being exposed as a fake.

You can be confident that you are not an imposter.

Nothing New Under The Sun

You can see by this research that you are not alone in these feelings.

When you realize that we are all the same and have the same challenges, the road ahead becomes easier to travel, when you realize that everyone is the same as you.

The next time you start to feel like an imposter take comfort in the knowledge that you are a work in progress and there is no such thing as perfection.

Turning Point

Up to this point, the surest way to combat imposterism is to talk about it (Join forums.)

Everyone is trying to figure it out, a lot of “fake it until you make it” and finding out a term for these feelings can be an incredible relief.

Once you address this phenomenon, you can combat your own Imposter syndrome by collecting and revisiting your own positive feedback.

“This page may contain ads and affiliate links.”

Take The Mask OFF

Dealing With The Imposter Syndrome - Third Image on Blog of a Man taking OFF his Mask

Let Go- of feelings that you are a fraud or a fake

“Fake it til you make it” does have its merit in every profession on some level but understand…

Making it” will never happen until you come to terms with understanding what this actually is.

Surrender-to exactly where you are and where you are going. Focus on progress and not perfection.

Detach-from what the noise around you “social media, TV etc.

Be Authentic-to who you are. You have talent, you are capable, and you belong especially in the online space.

Honesty and originality is the new currency.

Do Not Compare Yourself To Others…

The truth is…

The experience that you bring to the opportunity which you are presented with is unique to you.

Simply you are capable.

When you drop your fear you will actually then succeed.

7 Tips For Overcoming The Imposter Experience

1) Set benchmarks; and review the progress regularly look back over your past work to see how far you have come, also if we can remember the challenges that we had to cross to get where we are today.

2) Write Goals; Do not just think it, ink it, psychologists have proven that we become more committed to what we write down versus what we say.

3) Affirmations; Memorize a few that are powerful and you can use to anchor your emotions when they start to falter.

4) Self Talk; Your Internal dialogue influence you to focus, on feelings and ultimately behaviours.

5) Positive Reinforcement; Give yourself “wins” throughout your day “everything counts.”

6) Read Empowering literature; Learn and feed your paradigm. Educate yourself for this is truly the purest form of growth.

7) Have Open and Honest Discussion with others…

The Thing Is- You Are Not A Minority

We may never be able to banish these feelings entirely, but we can have an open conversation about academic or professional challenges.

Recognize them for yourself and your environment around you both professionally and personally.

By simply increasing the awareness of how common these experiences are and how you can help your own feelings of Imposter perhaps we can feel freer and build confidence in some simple truths.

Want more…

If you like this article and would like to read more or maximize your probability of mastery online see my…

Wealthy Affiliate Review For 2019

As always do not hesitate to leave me your questions or comments will get back to you in a timely fashion.

Thanks for the moment.

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How To Fix Writer’s Block-Slay The White Dragon With 10 Tips

The Blinking White Dragon-Writer’s Block

No matter what your discipline, veteran or newcomer …..

  • Blogger
  • Website content writer
  • Novelist
  • Screenplay writer
  • Freelancer

At some point in our professions we all experience, and will have to learn to slay this beast of burden concerning

How to fix Writers Block

In this post, I would like to help shed some light and offer some tips and concepts so to overcome this issue…

Grab your weapon of choice and let’s make some ground.

What We Do As Writer’s Is A 4 Part Process

  1. Give shape to an idea– Brainstorm/researching and mapping out what you want to say with ideas and concepts
  2. Get it onto the page – This is the sloppy “first draft” writing and the ability to put ANYTHING on a blank page making sure those words express thoughts and ideas and ensuring you just free write.
  3. Effectively outlining with headings and subheadings that foreshadows what you are going to discuss.
  4. Edit, fine-tune the reader’s experience (with the help of the inner voice editor) and the polished end product.

Writer’s block happens when you try to “BLEND the 4 Parts”.

What Is Writer’s Block & The White Dragon?

Well like it sounds this “white dragon” is that “something” that blocks the ability to create, and in our world of being writers having to come up with quality content that offers value, creates engagement and helps the end user on a regular basis, not being able to produce and publish on a regular basis can be a game changer.

You can have all the skill needed, all the SEO/marketing tech tools and knowledge etc, but if you cannot get your material out of your head and onto the paper NOTHING will move forward.

Tips And Concepts On How To Tame The Blinking White Lizard…

Tip 1: What Causes Writer’s Block?

How To Fix Writer's Block-A women stressed out over her computer image 2 on the postPut it in a word it simply is the need for wanting “Perfection.

Understand that “Perfection” doesn’t exist we are all a “work in progress” So embracing the mindset of “progress over perfection” will serve you much better.

All the great writers needed to start somewhere, if we would be privileged to read first drafts of some of our favourite writers we would all agree that it would be crap. (Different levels of crap based on who the writer is and based on there own higher standards..but crap even so.)

Know that going forward you are truly are in good company.

You know how our work becomes “like our babies” well understand that the first draft will be the UGLY ones.

So eliminate the wanting to create perfection and focus on progress.

The First Draft Of Anything Is S@$#.” Ernest Hemingway

Tip 2: The Inner Voice Editor

This is the voice inside your head that is going

This is awful” or…

  • That sentence is terrible”…
  • “Why did you choose that idea”…
  • “You are not good at this”….
  • “Stop now you are going to look foolish”…

Now this need for perfection and the inner voice editor are nothing but a way to flatline our creativity if not used for what it has been intended for.

The inner voice editor is a necessary “quality control” mechanism that becomes our last line of defence before we press publish. Its help us become the greatest version of ourselves as writers

How To Silence That “Inner Voice Editor” When You DO NOT Need It.

Give it permission yes….. to work AFTER you get the first THREE process out on the page from the “writing 4 part process.”

Give it permission so to allow the inner voice editor off the chain and edit to its heart’s content.

Once this becomes you’re writing process that inner voice editor will silence and let go so to allow for creativity to flow because it knows that its “quality control” process can run amok AFTER the work of splashing the thoughts onto a blank screen and before you press “publish.”

Tip 3: Rapid Timed Writing-For”Your Eyes Only

How To Fix Writer's Block-A Man Rapid Writing on his laptop- Image 3 for Post

Try Writing for either 3-13 or 30 min in a stretch

Something about “timed writing” and focus that helps with the breaking down of the writer’s block, freelancers have to write using timers regularly so to accurately bill their clients for there time spent working and some writing platforms even have timers built into the platform.

Open up your favourite doc analysis and editing tool that you like to use

  • Hemingway Editor
  • Google Docs
  • IA Writer
  • Microsoft Word

Set a timer for either 3-13 or 30 minutes and give yourself permission to write ANYTHING and that includes GARBAGE.

You can use background sounds on a headset if that helps your focus (On my writing template I have a place where I can play sounds through my earbuds so to keep me engaged and focused on my writing)

This is one of the best ways to fight through the writer’s block and it is NOT easy.

Certain sometimes frustrating and feelings of foolishness creep out if you commit to putting words down on a page, “No matter what“you will see success and results.

Again do not worry about the content, quality/spelling or grammar only focus on getting words down on paper.
Something is always better than nothing you can always come back and edit on a page full of content but you cannot edit a blank screen.

What this does are set up your mind for writing and being creative. The more your access that creative space the easier it will be to access. But like a muscle, if you are not exercising that space it will take much longer to break the block.

But to tap this powerful tip you must do It EVERY DAY

Remember the worst that can happen is if all your printed is unusable …..DELETE IT……(God is good.)

Side Note To Self

This is NOT doing research or a fact-finding exercise for your writing, this is letting it ALL hang out and write for the simple sake of writing.

Tip 4: If You Are Feeling Stuck Should You Try Again Another Day?

Yes, but you should do something else:

Men are of lofty genius when they are doing the least work and are the most active.” Leonardo Da Vinci

Watch a movie, go somewhere else, play guitar, listen to music, get inspiration from being around different people.

The concept here is that your over saturated your mind with one task your keep trying to push yourself towards being a WEBMASTER and your basically maxed your brain with regard to this experience of the technical writing and/or marketing.

GO somewhere else, do something different and shift Gears. = getting inspired again. And bring it back to your writing your creativity and results will thank you.

Be Sure To Journal Ideas As Often As Possible.

Have a place to capture all your ideas when they come, so to add them to your work even when you are not working.

This can be done on a pen and paper notepad, or on a smartphone app. Just ensure to have the ability to capture ideas and or inspirations whenever they present themselves.

And speaking of Inspiration…

Tip 5: Get Inspiration Again

You Cannot Wait For Inspiration …You  Have To Go After It With A CLUB.” Jack London

How To Fix Writer's Block-A Man Finding inspiration Writing on his Laptop in an Airport-Image 4 of the PostIf you think that writer’s block will fix itself and inspiration will come to you, truly you are optimistic but mistaken. (We all get in ruts.)

In fact, waiting to get inspired is a surefire way to get NOTHING accomplished AT ALL. This can come from the standpoint of sitting in the same room, in the same chair, at the same time sometimes not a lot of inspiration. Change something, change anything … This might be the thing you need to stimulate those creative juices that are lacking.

  • A change of location
  • A change of scenery
  • A change of time in the day

All these are the benefits of a laptop lifestyle…

Tip 6: Consistency IS Your Friend

If, you want to make writing a career do NOT WAIT for inspiration, write CONSISTENTLY.

Make writing a HABIT and a pivotal part of your routine. It takes a lot of reputation to get an activity into a habit but once this happens you will feel compelled to write (like a musical instrument, art or gym training) and writer’s block will become a rare occurrence.

This will make you more productive and greatly decrease the frequency of writer’s block. Train the mind to focus on your writing every single day, it will not matter if you are unmotivated or insecure, adding something to the work of writing daily sharpens skills which in turn will allow Writers Block to fade away.

So if you have not reached the point where not writing for a day or two feels very unnatural, you are not being consistent enough.

At the end of the day if there is no discipline to write you will never get out of you’re writing slump.

Tip 7: Avoid Distractions And Interruptions

How To Fix Writer's Block- A man at his Laptop being distracted from his work_Image 5 of your Post
I know this might sound cliche but…

The distractions can pull you out of the flow and disrupt our ability to create some good content and or copy. Find a place that you can work, shut off all distractions.

  • Phones
  • Social media
  • Tabs on your browser
  • Emails

This will avoid writer’s block because you are not being continuously side railed.

Place value on you’re writing even if other people around do not understand or see that value ..YET.

So ask for that respect when you need to go to battle

Tip 8: Set Writing Goals

This involves shooting for x-amount of words a day, or games like “do not break the chain”

Break The Chain

Set some words per day to reach with you’re writing, and every day you reach that goal place and “X” on the calendar, and see how long you can keep it moving without “breaking the chain.”


Rewarding yourself with something as a treat that you can indulge in IF the writing goals are met, a favourite food, or a tech toy or new book etc.

Word Count Goals On Your Writing Platform

A lot of the writing platform’s have word count goal sections where you can set how many words you would like to create daily, weekly, monthly etc this is a nice way of holding yourself accountable.

Tip 9: Creating An Outline

First off outlining is an ESSENTIAL “tool” for writing.

Helps in the efficiency and effectiveness of work behind the keys.

If you can get to a point where you do any type of outlines at all you are already miles ahead of most writers, who in my experience do not do any type of outlining.

So outlining is a GOOD THING.

An outline is a PLAN of how you are going to structure this content. Just like a plan before you travel on a trip from point A to point B, same concept.

If, you are struggling with part’s of content that cannot be breached and are dealing with writer’s block, go back to the outline it’s probably not been flushed out enough with ideas.

  • Step back and make some notes
  • Do a new outline so to figure out where you need to go next
  • Foreshadowing the content you want to write about in your headings and subheadings
  • Ensure you reestablish flow so to make the read enjoyable

You have to know where you’re going if you want to get to a destination effectively or efficiently.

So an outline and flushing out those ideas will make writer’s block a lot less stressful.

Tip 10: Fill Up Your Bucket-Read Something!!How To Fix Writer's Block-A women Reading a book with a lot of enjoyment- Image 6 of the Blog Post

It helps the mindset and creatively if you are trying to “absorb not push out.”

Pick a book and read ONE chapter a day.

You have not put enough into your head so for content to emerge from your fingertips you have to put something In.

Writers are getting work done as much when they are not writing as when they are.

As long as you are working on skills even walking and capturing ideas all Counts.

You want to be a good writer READ…A LOT.

If something is not going as it should in you’re writing READ or look at other people’s work, and see how the successful ones carry out what they do…get inspired (like watching guitar players play) and then add that knowledge to your own writing.

By reading so to get inspiration can get ideas, techniques and confidence to work on the weaknesses you are trying to overcome.

Reading is some of the best tools, a writer can have in there tools box… Period

And this works for any writers issue….

“This page may contain ads and affiliate links.”

You Are NOT Allowed To Use Writers Block As An Excuse.

Do you know the term “fighters fight.

Well “writers’ write.

You simply are not allowed to use this as a limiting belief to prevent you from reaching goals.

Imagine if a surgeon going into surgery is saying “oh man I cannot do surgery today for I have a block.”

At the end of the day if you are going to be a professional the luxury of having writer’s block is not an option …

‘All Writing Is Difficult But Amazing With What You Do IF You Refuse To Give Up.” Octavia E Butler

So To Review

How To Fix Writer's Block-A Image of the word Success drawn into the sand on a beach Image 7 of the blog post

  1. Progress over perfection
  2. Unleash the “Inner voice editor” only when needed
  3. Rapid timed writing
  4. Go and DO anything else but come back to the writing
  5. Find your inspiration again
  6. Be consistent
  7. Avoid distractions
  8. Set goals
  9. Create an outline and a plan to base your writing on
  10. Fill your bucket-read

==> For  A Comprehensive Overview Of All The Training You Will Ever Need-  Check Out The Wealthy Affiliate Revew<==

Bonus Tip

Now if all else fails… drink something before you start, it has a way of relaxing that anxiety of the whole saturation.

A glass of whiskey does wonders for my writer’s block.

Let me know if you have another way to slay this beast.

Please share, would love to hear your questions and or comments.

Thanks for the moment.


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How To Work Online For Yourself – A New Paradigm In An Old Story

The Monday To Friday

So another day at the office getting up to an alarm, fighting traffic or worse being away on a project and away from your family, friends, pets, hobbies …

You know you have a good job or even a just a JOB, so you should be grateful right?

What if I am here to tell you that there is another way to earn a living, make money and do it from anywhere you have a laptop, wifi connection and some know how?

This is a new paradigm and increasing more acceptable moving forward with the aids of platforms such as SKYPE, company-owned intranet sites and online sharing of work via Dropbox/OneDrive or the Cloud.

The “GiG” Economy

Even though you are not in the “office” you can stay connected with your companies visions and ongoing projects without being in the same proximity.

What’s fueling this rise of remote work possibilities?

In part, it would be what is called the “Gig Economy”  and improved tech is making it easier to allow for more flexible job arrangements.

A less obvious factor is that people are not settling as early as they used to, which means a decline in home and car ownership and or even more committal situations like marriage.

This “freelance lifestyle” allows the 20/30 somethings to get out into the work world, live a less conservative or fixed lifestyle and still hold down a job.


Companies that are getting their people to work remotely more each year also obviously saving on overhead costs and expenses.

As long as the worker can meet the deliverables and agreed upon targets set out in the work scope, this environment is vastly becoming a much more feasible and for the most part “attractive” option.

So the idea of working online for yourself is truly no longer a possibility but more along the lines of a viable reality.

Corporate Culture Paradigm Shift.

More importantly than just savings, it’s also about finding and recruiting the best “talent” available for your company and to engage, retain these people over a period of time.

All along knowing that these professionals now want to work…

  • Where they want
  • When they want 
  • And how they want

Companies need to now create workplace environments so to accommodate these new megatrend group of professionals that are more flexible so to win the new talent war.

Demand is what will drive and create these flexible work policies, along with changes in tools needed as well as corporate cultures.

This change has only recently just happened in the last few years from a small percentage of remote part-time contractors to a full out remote online professional lifestyle.

Greg Caplin Co-founder and Ceo of the Remote year says…….

51% of the professional in the US are working at least part-time remotely.”

So understanding this new megatrend why not leverage it and learn……..

How To Work For Yourself

The lifeblood of any economy has always been the person’s  that are courageous enough to step out and plant a flag so to say “this is mine and I want to”and create a valued service for people that walk through the front door of their brick and mortar business or in the new world of cyberspace and the internet, a web-based  business.


For as long as there has been a corporate machine working within it, companies have provided stability in…

  • Work
  • Benefits
  • Culture
  • Resources

But this also means that you need to ‘fit into a system” for that to happen.

Disruption means thinking as though you are the potential boss or owner.

Law professor Joan Williams in her book ‘White Working Class overcoming Class Cluelessness in America writes”…

Disruption in working-class jobs just gets you fired.”

Being an entrepreneur for 25 years and a professional for the last 10, have been on both sides of the fence and what has become apparent to me is that despite the pros and cons of your work life, there is a lot to be said about being the driver and voice of your own ship.

What am I saying here is taking back your CONTROL.

This becomes the major difference between the two paths.

Taking the reins can be scary at first and it does take a paradigm shift to be certain, but through time and through all the experiences you encounter even though you may still not call yourself an “entrepreneur” you start to talk and even feel like one.

So just to be clear disruption is GOOD!

Old Story…

Try Not To Become A Man Of Success, But Rather Try To Become A Man Of Value.” Albert Einstein

While this principle holds true when the economies are humming along and everybody is doing well (big business and small)  this is not the case when the economy tanks out.

Big business is struggling to survive and having to restructure otherwise they will die.

This means that during that restructure wherever you are in that food chain despite the value you bring if the system can no longer justify your position you get cut loose.

That value you once brought that was appreciated by your big business no longer applies so “thanks for the memories” here is your reward for dedicating your time and energies into our culture “good luck in the future.


But what about if you add this value to your own landscape, it will always return yields and never be undervalued and it will benefit only where it should ……….. yourself.

The New World And Your Mindset

Traditional Approach

A women in a traditional job and what it could be like in a days scope

Not as far as 10 years ago traditional entrepreneurs would not talk about their stories as much as they do now. There is a saying that is meant as a testament to the passion of the man or woman who embarks on this path.

“If We Could Do Anything Else We Would.”

“This page may contain ads and affiliate links.”
The “Necessity Entrepreneur”

A picture of a Laptop and a set of glasses describing what it would be like working online from your home in a new world paradigm

The economist’s are calling people who are  struggling to find employment and starting their own business “Necessity Entrepreneurs.

But whatever the reason you are involved or want to be involved in your “new hustle” whether it be through passion, the economics, just breath in look around step forward and embrace the journey.

Be sure to follow every route and path context the fears breath deep and TAKE IT BACK!

 How To Get More Done In Your Day

Rules For Working At Home…
  • Start the week with your weekly goals and what is it that needs to happen for that week.
  • Get into your daily actions lists look at what are the most important task to the least important task and do the most important task FIRST.
  • Stay in tune with the BIG picture and that is to create a thriving online business that you can be proud of and give you the opportunities to make the life you are dreaming of having.
  • Put your phone in another room look at it when you take a break from your online work. This being very important because these distractions all day long will eat up the mental RAM you need to be engaged and creative.
  • Always have a notebook for taking in ideas, concepts, new action lists, and just a basket to empty out off of your thoughts.
  • Read and then read some more. Keep informed and keep growing your interests and education, any time you invest in your self it will pay compound in returns

Treat your online work as a business and work on it as such, if you stay focused on the goal of working online, it can and will happen.

Enjoy The Process And Then Crush It

The ability to build an online business has become an efficient process, not only with the tools but with the cost.

What am I talking about is having EVERYTHING you need to

  • Create
  • Run and…
  • Maintain an online business for less than $2 a day. (Depending on your Platform)

Take your passions, hobbies and create a business around it, compare that to a brick and mortar offline business that is a lot riskier to start along with a lot more capital up front.

Anyone can do this of all ages as long as you are willing to work for its success, online can be had.

==>Take Your Skills To A New Level Discover Wealthy Affiliate <==

The Topic Of Happiness

A picture of being goofy and using a watermelon as a smile on your face.

Earning money and enjoying what you are doing the flexibility of being able to work when you what where you want and all you are needing is a laptop, phone, WIFI connection and off you go.

Think about what a day working for yourself would entail,

  • Getting up with NO alarm clock
  • Not having to fight rush hour traffic
  • Flexibility
  • Control over your day
  • Pyjamas on or pants optional

What about taking a break and heading on over to the nearest coffee shop so to find some new and creative ways to finish the project your working on if you are experiencing some Writers Block.

So I challenge you to find a better opportunity to move forward than the internet.

If you are not building your future by design you will work for the dogma of someone who has.

As far as my thoughts go you are investing your time in the wrong place.

As always if you have any questions thoughts or feedback, please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments section of the post and I can get back to you in a timely fashion.

Thanks for the moment.


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Ageism Over 50 – Add Value Back To Yourself.

Ageism Over 50...

What is Ageism…

Similar to other negative stereotypes such as racism or sexism, ageism is about holding discrimination to an age-based group whether it is teens seniors citizens or adults.

Ageism can and will rear its ugly head in a multitude of places such as younger professional that have difficulty finding work based on their lack of experience or conversely, the older professional not being able to find work based on their having too much experience.

Further not being able to “put in the time” into a corporation so for the employer to get the mileage out of that individual, resulting in the older worker most likely getting overlooked for promotions or other opportunities that would otherwise then be available to a younger prospect.

Reports have shown that 1 in 5 workers in the US are over the age of 55 and that ageism has started to become apparent at the age of 50

If you are an older professional and have been laid off but are still looking to continue to add value to an organization not to mention if you are just wanting to change your career.

The unspoken “ism” that follows your career at this point will make it increasingly more difficult for this to happen.

How to turn the tables…..

Ageism even though it is a real issue can be a benefit going forward.

Older professionals are interested in changing careers more than ever before. This is a good thing for they can continue to add value to a multiple of disciplines in any sector possibly even look to add VALUE back into themselves.

What is Intellectual Capital…

Based on the definition on Wikipedia:

“Intellectual capital is the intangible value of a business covering its people (human capital), the value inherent in its relationships and everything that is left when the employees go home.”

It is the sum of everything that everybody in a company knows that gives the company its competitive edge. Also the value of the intangible assets that cannot be listed on a company’s balance sheets.

These assets are acquired through the initial knowledge and or education that is brought in with the worker (Approx 20%) but more so with the experiences and time spent working within the organization (this makes up 80%).

So  Intellectual capital is a viable asset of companies healthy growth and culture but not something that can be quantified in the books.

This intangible asset can only happen with your put in the time into anything and you expose yourself over long periods so to get experience and real knowledge. This happens in a number of ways…..

  • The culture and what is expected and or wanted
  • The different issues that come up, and how to solve them
  • What worked and what did not
  • Successes and failures
“The Only Source Of Knowledge Is Experience” Albert Einstein

The Loss Of Intellectual Capital

When an experienced professional leaves an organization some forward-thinking companies try to capture this knowledge and their Intellectual capital.

They do this through mentorship programs (These are not always successful.) Rehiring the valued employees as contractors, and some companies do not even bother.

Companies that do not value this type of human capital are destined to have department costs that will occur indefinitely.

Furthermore, they will need to be maintained through competent individuals, recycling of new human resources, accountability, preventative maintenance, and drivers.

Resulting in ongoing neverending expenses to corporations and cultures.

Who Are The Baby Boomers

A picture of a Baby boomer running a marathon raceThis is the generation  between the period of 1946-1964, and in this population, there are and will be a lot of people on the mid to late 50s,

Now can this group of people or professionals still offer value and bring that IC forward in whatever they are pursuing?

Absolutely YES but again based on a number of factors……..

  • Economics
  • Profit margins
  • Shareholders etc

These seasoned professionals are not always able to get ‘back in the game”

Not all company cultures are similar…..

There are organizations that would regard age as a sign of wisdom and do everything they can to keep this vital capital so to ensure health, strength, and prosperity within the organization.

“This page may contain ads and affiliate links.”

Retirement And The Professional

Retirement was introduced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Before this low life expectancy and the lack of organized and controlled “pension agreements”  meant that most workers continued to work until they passed on.

Now if you are working for a government type of scope or a solid business that will not buy you out or keep you despite economic downward cycles, you are in by today’s standards fortunate. You will likely not have any issues with retirement being that you will get your pensions and move on into the next evolution of your life.

But if you come across any MAJOR crossroads that can limit your ability to retire such as

  • Divorce
  • Job loss
  • Illness
  • Bad investments

This opportunity could be taken away from your or at a minimum the type of retirement you really wanted is no longer within your reach……. now what?

What about if you cannot retire?

How does the older professional continue to earn an income so to plan for his or her golden years?

These crossroads are definite realities for a lot of baby boomers

Solutions- Add “Value Back Into Yourself

Having an office for your online work on your bedSo you are in your midlife as a professional and you are either……….. 

  • Ready to leave the workforce
  • Have to leave the workforce
  • Wanting to still be in the workforce or
  • Cannot leave the workforce………
How’s About Looking At The Benefits Of Creating An Online Business…

What you can expect

  • Your intellectual capital will come out in the value you add to YOUR business
  • The opportunities and options so to grow are endless
  • No worry about losing your job
  • You can “retire” when you want and not the other way around
  • And you can enjoy the next evolution of your life
  • Can be done while part-time or full time
  • Even if you’re retired it’s always good to be productive and stimulated, take up an online business nothing but good can come from it

==>Add Value Back Into Yourself With Wealthy Affialiate<==


As baby boomers are progressively getting older this issue of ageism will only get more serious and become a further global concern.

Careers without age discrimination…

You need to start looking for ways to grab life by the horns embrace the next evolution with empowerment and be willing to have a vital discussion with yourself on a constant basis.

The death of the 9 to 5 is upon us……….but with that also comes opportunities…..A LOT of opportunities to take this exciting time for you to become an online professional so to grow and enjoy the next part of your life with…

  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Drive etc

Just do not wait until you HAVE to do it because you WANT to.

There are TONS of opportunities to leverage your own talents into the business of your dreams” Travis Rosser

Please do not hesitate to leave comments in the space below.

Thanks for the moment.


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Wealthy Affiliate Does It Work – The Top 10 Reasons It Will – A 2019 Review.

Wealthy Affiliate Does It Work…

So you’re on a hunt to find something, you’re not quite sure what that something  is, you are feeling like it can almost be anything as long as it resonates with your intuition inside saying “you know I think I can do this.

Well here is the top 10 reasons why answering the question of “Wealthy Affiliate does it work” can and will fit the bill. This is a guide to help you get the direction and answers to the present life questions you have been forced to ask.

  • Are my present work and life journey still the path for me?
  • Is this all there is?
  • Have lost my job what do I do now?
  • A depressed economy.
  • Am a stay at home mom and need to look at bringing in some revenue.
  • Am I having to start over again!
  • You are feeling like there’s NOT a lot of options.
  • Ageism and the older professional.
  • How can I make money on the side working from my PC?
==>Read On To The End And Receive A “Bonus Offer”<==

10) What Is Wealthy Affiliate…

First of all let’s step back a little and as the question, what is digital marketing? Well to describe it best it’s an umbrella term that covers all the online marketing platforms. (IE Google, Bing, Yahoo, Social Media, Email, U-tube, Podcast etc) all used to connect with new and current customers so in which to bring products to a global marketplace.

A picture of what Online Marketing would look like for your business

Where do digital marketers work?

Since the internet has changed the way potential consumers connect with businesses, digital marketing is needed (whether they know it or not) in virtually every sector of any company or organization – from small businesses to large non-profit organizations.

So back to Wealthy Affiliate, it is one of the most advanced affiliates/ build an online business platform (if not THE most advanced platform) in the industry.

The history of the platform was created by a couple of sharp young guys Kyle and Carson approximately 12 years ago but not as it stands today. Its roots were in a small internet business providing keywords to a list of monthly clients with a price tag that was also modest and affordable.

That was Wealthy Affiliates humble roots a keyword list membership site and nothing more.

Fast forward to 2019 and what you have now is an all-inclusive platform that is providing you with a total platform of skills, tools, training, and mentorship for building an online business with the focus on continuous improvement EVERY single year.

A team of 25 behind the scenes professionals moving the technology and training offering you simply the BEST value far beyond ANYTHING else within this space.

It is something the owners work 60-70 hours per week each to ensure.

9) Is Wealthy Affiliate a SCAM…

Just do some research online and you will soon find that it is not only a legitimate platform with over a million members but it also one of the most respected in its niche market.

The integrity of this company was one that the founding members had from the beginning, from never failing a payout any of its affiliates dues since it’s conception to keeping the monthly platform fees affordable.

8) What Is Involved In This Endeavor…

As mentioned earlier what Wealthy Affiliate brings is EVERYTHING you will ever need to be successful online with your very own Online Business.

All businesses take time and effort especially at the beginning only you can make that happen so Wealthy Affiliate brings the HOW you bring the WHY.

Why are you doing this?

If that why is strong enough your focus desire and drive will follow and the work that you will need to bring will happen. But this is different then your day job for this work will be enjoyable, and the time you put in to grow and learn your new landscape will never seem like a slugging effort.

  • You will need to have a ‘locus of focus” that is yours and quiet so to be creative, learning and growing
  • You will need to have a PC
  • You will need to have a journal and…
  • You will need to have a schedule so to stick to your development daily

7) What Is The Price Point…

Let’s talk about a visit to the local Starbucks and for $10.00 you will get your muffin and latte. Do this twice a week for a month, and you already have paid for your access to the Wealthy Affiliate platform for the month.

This platform is to digital marketing what Starbucks is to coffee.

What we are talking about is $359.00/year and/or $49/mth (USD) not forgetting that the starter membership is (FREE), and you can run through the platform to see for yourself if this is something you would find yourself excelling at.

If so then the premium membership is what you will upgrade to and that is the price above.

6) Is There Value…

Well, what you are getting for this price point?

Skills and tools offered in Wealthy Affiliate and the potential dollar value for the service:

Training and more training -Access to hundred’s of hours of webinars and thousands of training resources.                        

No matter what your direction with your online business model, you are getting access to training resources that will fit your needs. 


Live classes/Events -Weekly live online classes, completely promotion free on new topics all related to the operations of your online business.                                                                                                     


Websites creation /Site support -The most advanced platform website builder in any space not to forget the site support platform for any technical issues and you never have any reason to look elsewhere. 


Content creation tools -A big part of doing this work is the creation of CONTENT, and with the help of SITE CONTENT you get an environment for you to create, set writing goals, edit writing errors, organize your work and publish as a writer efficiently and effectively.

Truly a bloggers dream

  • Hundreds of critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Automated publishing directly to your website
  • Writing goals and accomplishments
  • SEO analysis and checks
  • Content structure analysis
  • Ability to template content
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions


Hosting for your website -A world-class hosting platform with full monitoring, layers of website security, speed and overall awesomeness.                                                                                                               


Research and analysis tools -A keyword platform called Jaaxy so to do your keyword research, sort and manage lists, analyze websites for SEO, Brainstorm and much more.

Wealthy Affiliate Does It Work - A Jaaxy Screen shot


Expert coaching -Being the size and strength of this community you never know when you are asking for advice the level of expertise you will be getting, and this includes the CEO s of the company.                 


Consider what you get for $359/year and or $49/month (USD), to what is on the market today, you will see that the value on this platform is truly not seen anywhere else on the internet……. Simply #1.

5) Can You Get This Education in                College/Universities…

A picture of a student in class bored but addressing if you can get a quality online education from a classroom in a school setting

Well, am here to tell you firsthand after doing my research on this skill set have found 2 colleges in my city that have just started to offer a 44 or 65-week diploma class which was just introduced in 2017.

The colleges that run this program are offering it at approx 11995.00-20,000 (CAD)

But other than that the universities IF they offer this skill set are through the continuing education process for people looking to get some understanding of the work on a part-time basis, usually brought on by their companies paying for them to provide some in-house help.

Based on my research on one of the main universities in my city there are approx 11 classes offered so to get your citation for completion. This entails 2 foundation courses, 2 core courses, and 2 elective courses, you do not have to do all the 11. The cost of these classes is approximately 600.00 (CAD) Per class.

Am not dismissing the different organizations and their education but truly for the $$ spent you are well ahead with WA.

Again all about VALUE.

4) Do You Have to Be a “Techie”…

Absolutely NO…… long as you have the willing and wanting to learn Wealthy Affiliate has the WAY.

ANYONE can do this.

People from all walks of life, all ages with all kinds of different backgrounds and experiences are building successful Business online.

Technically this process is becoming easier every year. (IE in 2002 a website would take up to 30 days to build now it takes 30 seconds.)

Innovation and evolution is a beautiful thing.

Wealthy Affiliate Does It Work - An Image of Site Builder at WA

3) Who Is Best Suited For This Type Of business…

As we move through our life we tend to forget that we have abilities and attributes to offer, but whether it’s through a job loss, change in your personal situation, even the conditioning that you get from you’re environment (parents, partners etc) am here to say that ANYONE can achieve success online all shapes and sizes of all ages.

  • Teachers
  • Truck drives
  • Stay at home Moms or Dads
  • Oil patch workers
  • The retired
  • The unemployed baby boomer

You name it, anyone with the strong enough motivation that is saying they need or want a chance to get out of what they are presently doing is best suited for this type of business but again as long as you are willing to work for it.

2) Money’s You Can Potentially Earn…

3 months of working on your online business could potentially earn you…..


6 months of working on your online business could potentially earn you……


12 months of working on your online business could potentially early you………


Think about what a future looks like for you and make it happen, but again you are building a business here this is NO Get Rich Quick Process, what you’ve put in you will get out there is no secret formula.

  • Focus
  • Hard work
  • Consistency

1) Does It Have A Shelf Life…

The marketplace for building a business online has definitely matured. There are more online businesses growing every year but there is also never been the opportunity that there is today meaning the number of customers online.

The confidence to spend online and the diverse set of products and services you can promote as an affiliate has only grown. There are 4 Billion people online, that’s a “B” and over 500 Million products/services online that you can promote and affiliate yourself with.

The internet will never shut the doors and neither will your business.

Over the next 25 years, those of us that put in the hard work and build out our dream business online is going to get ahead in life. Enjoy the process and realize that there is a  lot more than your “day job” and “dogma” of working for someone else.

“This page may contain ads and affiliate links.”

Overview Of Wealthy Affiliates

Website URL
Training 9.5 out of 10
Support 9.5 out of 10
Website Builder 9.5 out of 10
Website Hosting

Research Tools

9.5 out of 10

9.5 out of 10

Price: Starter Member (Free) Premium Membership ($359.00/year or $49/mth USD.) Rating 9.5 Out Of 10.

Final Thoughts+ Special Bonus

I hope this post helps to find some answers to some questions or interests you are asking. Or possibly spark some interest so to uncover the answers to “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it.”

Just click the link and try for yourselves the

WA ZERO $$ FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP and see if this fits your needs, am sure it will.

Wealthy Affiliate Does It Work-The last image on Blog a picture of Zero Risk for Signing up.


When you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a BONUS if you decided to become a premium member within 7 days…

You are going to get a 61% discount on your FIRST-month Premium membership (only $19).”

When you create your free account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will personally contact you on your profile to say Hello, and offer you more information on how to get started, and collect on that BONUS.

Trust me this is AWESOME Stuff…

Trust me you will never know what you have been missing all these years until you step foot INSIDE OF WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

Am here to help and if you have any questions thoughts or feedback.

Please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments section of the blog Post and I can get back to you in a timely fashion.

Thanks for the moment.

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