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8 thoughts on “How To Become A Polymath

  1. I really enjoyed the page and learning what and how to become a polymath. I have never heard the word before and it really caught my interest. I would say that I would be interested in becoming one and will continue to read your content to learn more. Feel free to share your love of knowledge and visit my site at

    1. Hellos Elviz

      Thanks for the visit and appreciate the comments
      Am glad you found value in the post, and that it was able to inspire some interest.
      Found this topic to be of great value to me as I was researching and writing it,
      especially around the paradigm of “specialist and society.”

      Will absolutely share the luv on your site as well.



  2. Well I am in a sense a Polymath, but not in another sense. I feel it’s always money and time that get in the way of pursuing ones passion. Work a JOB, pay bills and never seems like there is enough resources to move forward.

    Interesting read sir. Enjoyed it and more curious about it. Well done article.

    1. Hello Rob

      Thanks for coming by and visiting my site.

      I absolutely understand how real life and the life we want to live and its conflicting forces sometimes seem like they will never meet.

      I just think that as water always finds a way if you keep making it happen (Even slow as it may seem) it will.

      Passion, focus and showing up are key factors in making your dream life a reality.

      I am glad you found value in the article, as much as I enjoyed the writing and research on the topic.



  3. Well written. Thank you for posting this and for writing it.
    Many of us have many interests and focus on many areas allows one to be well rounded.

    1. Good day Nicholas

      Thanks for dropping by and appreciate the feedback.
      I am so glad you found value in the read, as much as i found the enjoyment of writing it.

      I also, agree with you about being well rounded.

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    1. Hello
      Thank you for coming by, reading and leaving your thoughts.
      This topic was a joy to create and close to home as well.
      Am glad you found it valuable.

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