Fri. May 17th, 2024

2 thoughts on “Does Global Affiliate Zone Work

  1. Dino,
    Global Affiliate Zone seems it may help with learning some Facebook leads training, but even if is at a beginners level, the cost of their program sounds as if it is for someone who has some money to already invest. I have been a part in MLM businesses, and that sometimes is the problem, that they have the website and sales funnels automated; however than we don’t learn the concepts of what we would need to do to set up a sales funnel and responding with emails. Your alternate recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, they sound like the affiliate company to go with. There teaching and what it sounds like you can learn from them, on even there Free level, sounds much more worth someone’s time than trying to start up an MLM business. Though I’m sure Global Affiliate Zone is a reputable business, they sound more geared towards the individual who can invest a substantial amount of money before seeing an outcome; whereas Wealthy Affiliate gears you in the direction of building your own brand and leading you to the path of success whether you join the free membership or the Premium for $49/month which actually is quite reasonable for the platform they offer. Thank you for the information about Global Affiliate Zone and sharing also such an incredible platform such as Wealthy Affiliate; definitely something worthwhile to look into!


    1. Hellos Robert

      Thanks for the visit and am glad you found value in the review.

      It was truly one of experience and I made sure to be true to both platforms.

      But if we are comparing both, you will get definitely more VALUE on the Wealthy Affiliate platform for a lot less money invested.

      Time wise you will still need to invest in any platform you choose, that’s a given.

      Again… appreciated Robert



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